Welcome to my Website!

I will probably put some digital art here, might put some programming projects, and I want to get a GPU at some point to try 3D art properly

I am not sure why you are here, but I am here because I don't want to just keep this in the drwaer, but don't feel comftrble sharing it with anyone.

Do not expect anything suprising but here you go:

This was my first attempt at drawing, fanart actually for Roll4it, fun podcast

Another plane of reality

First attempt at something which was only for myself (I did some things for a couple of games but they are even worse then this things so I won't share them), I thought to put a snake there insteat but the shape didn't look great)


It was supposed to be fire in the start, but the plant fitted better, this one I feel really good about the shadows

Wand with plant

It was supposed to look very diffrent, I tried to draw a purple rock I own but the color gradiance and all proved really hard

Geode attmpt

This one is about hetonormativity I tried to draw something only using the Ace flag colors to draw somthing, tried to do something more minimalistic, want to try something like that again, but I feel like trying only using a mouse is limit my working ability

Some buildings with purple Ribbon

O'Neill cylinder drawing

Far future concept

an attempt at 3d modeling without GPU, the rendering took way too long

very few faces, versy slow